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Price Chart

Sketches - $10
Inks - $15
Colored - $20

Uncolored reference Sheets - $25
Colored Reference Sheets - $30

Term Of Service
Its up to you how you want it colored at no extra charge. Same for the format such as character placement, expressions, color chart and so on. Some restrictions and extra fees may apply however, depending on the complexity of the picture. My policy when it comes to commissions is a one week deadline to most commissions I do, so expect a commission within 2 - 7 business days as you would with a package or your money back ONCE PAID and ONCE BEYOND THE DRAFTING PROCESS

* The artist reserves the right to refuse what he wishes, even after payment. FULL REFUND will be given.
* Please note some restrictions may apply to what I am willing and not willing to do.
* Prices are as they stand. Price Negotiations are Closed. 

Pleasure doing business with you! 

Art Process

This process involves drawing a rough sketch consisting of outlines to get the basic visual of what the client wants. Usually requires the client to be present in order for it to be done and go any further. 

This process is pretty self explanatory. Its a basic process where the official look has been made of what was wanted and no longer requires the client to be present. Changes may possibly be able to be made, however some restrictions may apply.

No changes may be made at this point, however I may be willing to make an exception on rare occasions. No one usually request any changes though so no real worries at this point. 

Final Process of the picture before it is sent over to the client. 

Do I really have to explain this one? Okay, well this process means I'm done with the picture and I send it over to the client.

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